Wedding arch made of colorful inflatable

Balloon Arch

Balloon arches are the perfect way to add a wow factor to any party or event and can be made in all different sizes and colour schemes. We often use frames to help with the structure of the arch. Our arches would be set up on site of your event and we will cater to any theme you would like. Extra decoration can always be added to our arches to make them extra special and personal to you.  

Prices start from £100 (price varies on size and extras as well as set up and delivery)

*non refundable deposit of £50 required upon booking*

    Balloon Arch

    What's a Balloon Arch?

    A Balloon Arch is a Arch made out of balloons filled with air which can last weeks!! We can make a Arch any size with all different ranges of colours.

    Our balloon Arches are very popular, prices start from

    Balloon Garland

    Organic balloon garlands are one of our favourites here at Forever Floating. These garlands are made with all different size balloons to give it different textures throughout. Garlands are easily made to cater for every event and are secured on site using self adhesive fixings or pre existing fixing at the venue. This makes it very easy for us to shape these in any way to suit your ideas and the venue or space. 

    Extra decoration can always be added to your garland to make it extra special.

    Prices start at £25 per meter. (price excludes set up, delivery and any extras wanted)

    *non refundable deposit of £50 required upon booking*

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